Vision 2020


Across the Providence network we have a vision that by 2020, by Gods grace, we will be a people conspicuously shaped by prayer, boldly proclaiming the gospel, gathered into established, well-resourced church centres that can plant seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ, giving rise to his church, to the glory of God. 


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We must pray, because we are dependant on God for everything. 

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We must proclaim Christ by carefully handling the scriptures, so that God is glorified and the church grows in faith, understanding, and love. 

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At Providence Midland, God has taken a seed of the gospel and raised up his church to his glory.

Our vision is that by 2020 we will be an established 'centre church' that is raising up, developing, and training leaders; equipping Gods people to live faithfully for Jesus in contemporary Perth; and sending out and supporting seeds of the gospel that will give rise to the church. 

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We want to seize missional opportunities that God gives us to plant seeds of the gospel that give rise to God's church.

We want to equip, support, and invest in short or long term missional projects that will see God's kingdom fruit brought into reality in the wider community, to the glory of God.